Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whistleblowers on the Corrupt Virginia DCSE "gestapo"?

Dear Marsha,

Sounds like a "visit" was made by DCSE... either in person or by phone.

Time for YOU to do a Subpoena Duces Tecum, of both the DCSE and the employer?

Please send me a copy of yours...

Also an Injunction against DCSE from a higher court? Since seems the JDR and Circuit Court are in cahoots with DCSE in Winchester...

As you suggested, I need to do a SDT too, and even more so now, with the below...

I got a "piece of crap" legal document from lie-yer Nolan, that has "fingerprints of communications" of ex parte communications - "conspiracy" with judicial clerks in Arlington.

Attached... (I may also try to post it also to my EqualJusticeInVirginia.US website...)

Virtually the same as LieYer Nolan after hours slipped in the glass doors of the lobby to Arlington County Courthouse, his version of "filing" with the Clerk of the Court.

This time, after Ex Parte communications with lawyers who are employed at Arlington County Courthouse, LieYer Nolan says on his Certificate of Service that he personally delivered it to THE Clerk of the Court Paul Ferguson.

He also adds to his previous 1 April piece of crap" legal document from lie-yer Nolan the name of Judge McGrath, AND 13 JUNE, knowing from the lawyer at Arlington that I said I WOULD BE OUT OF TOWN doing George Washington LIVES! work (see the linkage by LieYer Nolan in Paragraph 1?) as I stated I had an obligation on my ORDER of 1 April requested of me by Judge Kendrick.

I smell "Conspiracy" or "R.I.C.O." between Bar buddies.  Does it include the judges too, as Senior Bar Buddies?

McDonalds in Williamsburg had free wifi, and the manager told me folks in the drive thru would ask for "3 free wifi-s please..."

Hello, is anybody home up there?

The Mount Vernon McD's has wifi, but at a time used basis.

Panera is closer and free, as are refills on coffee or fountain drinks.  That is why I am a regular at Panera.

At Panera on 22 January a.d. 2007 is where I was when I got a call from lawyer Ern Reynolds to go help LieYer Nolan to complete his Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the case of the widow Mrs. Wood.  We barely made it.  Likewise I was there to rescue her case on 13 April, and LieYer Nolan threatened her with Plagiarism for using much of HIS legal writing in her Pro Se filing, even though he refused to follow-thru!  Then LieYer Nolan 2 or 3 days later sends me a Notice to Quit, formally Breaching our Agreement.

That 22 January call to me at Panera started my closer association with a very devious and dangerous LieYer named David Brian Nolan, Sr., Esq.

Wish I had then had 20-20 FOREsight!

In GW, 


On Jun 7, 2008, at 8:21 AM, MARSHA MAINES wrote:

Dan's employer took 80% of his 32 hour paycheck from last week for 'child support' - illegally - AGAIN.
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